To the Human Race

Dear human race,

let’s stop killing each other.

I realize this may be harder than it sounds, but I have some ideas that I’d like you to consider. This will only take a minute of your time. I also realize there are a lot of us, so I will single us out individually and you can choose to only read the parts that pertain to you.

To the published journalist- not just the one who studied journalism in school and earned a degree but to you as well. Yes you, the one with the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. account. Take accountability for the things you publish. Though you may not have the credentials to be considered a published journalist, every time you say something, post something, share something, like something comment and so on you are a published journalist.

Your words matter.

Your voice matters.

Think about what you are putting out into the world. Those things are taken literally and they matter. Once you hit send or post your words are permanent.

They don’t go away.

They create something.

The next time you say something that is against something else consider being for something instead. I don’t just mean for something so that you can be against something else – let’s choose to be pro love instead of anti-hate. Let’s choose to take accountability for the things we create. Just like viruses can kill people, going viral can be at just as damaging

To the person with skin,

yours is beautiful.

As someone else with skin I can’t believe that some of you have been treated so badly because of your skin. My entire life I’ve never known what it’s like to be treated badly because of my skin and it makes me sick to think that some mothers wake up every day in mourning or afraid for their children’s lives because of their beautiful and perfect skin. On behalf of the human race I am deeply sorry and I am saddened that this is still the case in 2016.

We desperately need to start seeing past each other’s skin as though it’s our own children’s and need to see people as they should be seen- beautiful creations who are perfectly and wonderfully made. If we want this systemic cycle of killing, violence, and hate to stop we have to stop isolating and dividing ourselves by the skin we can’t control and start valuing each other’s lives. I suggest we start with those who have been persecuted quite enough.

To the person with ears, and by ears I also mean eyes,


I keep hearing this directive for me to use my voice. That if I have a voice and I am not using it then I am part of the problem. How can you effectively use your voice if no one is listening? I suggest we all take a step back, stop talking and listen.

If everyone’s talking at the same time in my house, no one can hear anyone. To the point where if someone were actually in trouble everyone’s talking could put them in greater danger. All the noise that we continue to create has become a race to see who can talk the loudest without having to listen to the person standing next to them. I have to admit this is an area where I have some trouble finding the end solution. What I have noticed is that it’s almost impossible for everyone to have a voice and for no one to have a side.

Our voice  has become the tool we use to grasp onto other peoples ideas and inevitably isolate each other further. Why do we all have to have a voice when some of us have not earned the right to speak? When some of us really have nothing to say? Why can’t we all listen first, and then have a discussion if there is room for one. Can our voice be in our actions instead?

To the person who believes in something,

understand that you are what you believe in.

It is your responsibility be what you believe in. For instance, if you believe in God you are a reflection of God on this earth, you were made in God’s image. It is your responsibility to love others the way that God loves you first and foremost. If you believe in the power of the universe, you are the universe. It is your responsibility to be what you want to manifest in this world. If you don’t believe in anything, believe in yourself and be the good you want to see in this world. Take responsibility for the energy and behavior you contribute to the human race.

Be good to each other. None of us are all correct in the way we try to get our point across. We all have something to learn from each other. We all need to actively look for those opportunities.

Human race, we need each other to survive, so let’s stop killing each other.


  1. Margi, Your words are so true, insightful, and meaningful. Wish everyone thought like you. Thank you for putting them on your blog. Leslie

  2. July 20, 2016
    Oakland, California

    This is very profound.

    There is a lesson in your writing for all who have the ears to listen, the brain to understand, and an open heart to receive your wisdom.

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