Joining the Twin Mom Club- the Ultrasound



Men plan, God laughs… My husband and I had a perfect plan.  We have two awesome boys and found ourselves in a perfect position to have one more child because three is a magic number, right?  Unlike the arrivals of our other children, we were PREPARED this time!  We had our finances in a good spot, a house we loved, and the timing of our other kids’ ages perfectly spaced to only need to pay for one child in daycare.  I used ovulation kits to assist in carrying out the details of our plan to make the third child a girl by following Dr. Shettles method – it did not occur to me that on the cycle where my test read “no peak” fertility that I may have tripped the system by releasing more than one egg… God certainly has a sense of humor.

I waltzed into our 20 week ultrasound with excitement and had totally and officially ignored the fact that I felt so many differences (hospitalizing morning sickness, early kicks, tightness and fast bump growth, blinding round ligament pain all before 20 weeks) with the help of validating, nonchalant reactions from friends and family- “Meh, it’s your third.  You just grow faster with your third”.

My friend Elizabeth showed up to the ultrasound with three balloons- pink, blue, and purple as a sweet gesture. It was her job to keep the sex of the baby a secret until our perfectly planned reveal party.  Little did she know that her carefully selected balloon bouquet gift was actually foreshadowing the moments ahead.

The technician, Derrick, was cool and relaxed.  He had a beard and the demeanor of my favorite drinking buddy from Williamsburg, Brooklyn circa 2006.  In fact we may have split a pint of Guinness over a game of pool in a past life- entirely possible.  Derrick placed the wand on my belly with the screen facing only he and Elizabeth.  I looked at Elizabeth for cues, although this being her first ultrasound, I was not concerned by the immediately puzzled expression on her face.

There is a certain monotoned way that one tends to deliver everyday information.  For example, “It’s Tuesday” or “I’m hungry” or “I just brushed my hair”.  This is the tone Derrick used to say

“You have two babies.”

“Hah” I laughed.  Derrick would say something like that, he’s so funny and sarcastic.  My new craft beer drinking ultrasound tech friend WOULD be a jokester like that.  What a goof.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened to the size of saucers.  Why wasn’t she laughing at Derrick’s funny quip?

“Wait, what?” Perhaps I misunderstood.

“Uh, yeah, you have twins” reiterated Derrick.

“Shut up” I waited for him to crack a smile. “Seriously, shut up.”

Elizabeth laughed and covered her mouth. My husband stood up. I was stuck on the table and could not articulate anything but “SHUT UP!”

Derrick excused himself as this ultrasound was all of the sudden outside of his qualifications.  My husband and I realized in that same moment that this was beyond our qualifications as well.  In that moment, without feeling in my face and with tears in my eyes, I felt God smile down on us and chuckle.  We should have known better.

So here I am, totally blessed and finding myself a part of a new club- learning as I go. So far, the twin moms I have met are a supportive, badass, crew who simply do not have time to judge or tell you the “right” way to do things.  They are tough and don’t sweat the small stuff and I am inspired and honored to be a part of the group.

I want this blog to be a place for information, venting, and a good laugh for all women, but especially dedicated to twin moms out there who, just by waking up and facing every new day find themselves a tWINNING mom!!!