Let’s DOula This!

In my first video post I start the discussion of birth choices by talking Doula appreciation.  I learned in the making of this post that I need to find the attachment to my handheld bloggie camera stand, but I fear it may be lost in an “army guy bin” somewhere in the house.  I also need to figure out how to save the video on a more flattering screen shot- growing pains!

My husband and I are very grateful we will have our doula (and friend) Sondra with us when the twins arrive.  She has already been a wealth of support and information.  There are many options out there for experiencing your best birth and taking the fear out of the labor experience.  I think it is incredibly important to ask questions and explore options.  In the meantime, spoil your favorite Doula today with a sweet “Let’s DOula This!” hoodie in the Gear section of my blog.  For more information about Doulas in your area check out http://www.dona.org/.