32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins – 5 Tips on Staying Sane


32 weeks

Woah babies!  32 weeks pregnant with twins. So just for some context, I am 6 feet tall.  Although my lovely husband took this picture at a very flattering angle, I would like to note that I feel more like a beluga whale at the present moment than the watermelon on a toothpick I appear to be in this image. Based on my last ultrasound at 30 weeks the babies are approximately at 4 lbs each right now (they are both measuring 1- 1 1/2 weeks ahead of schedule).  After adding on the weight if all of their “gear,” well, that’s a lot of baby- I’m lucky to be tall and have the space for these kids to stretch out. My heart goes out to my shorter moms of multiples friends who are tasked with carrying the same amount of weight.  You’re all badasses, especially if you are continuing to wear shoes with laces- then you go on my hero list.  I gave that up months ago.

Here we go,

32 weeks2

That’s better.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep- 5 things that are keeping me sane

Sleep is definitely difficult to come by these days.  I think it’s a mixture of several reasons including general third trimester insomnia, heartburn, lack of comfortable position options, heightened irritability- the sound of my husband snoring makes me want to check in to a hotel etc.  Here are some things that are currently helping me stay sane.

  1. Daily baths– I know it’s tough to get time alone if you have older kids in the house.  In fact, it’s sometimes damn near impossible.  Part of a “relaxing” bath is managing one’s own expectations.  Like most bathroom experiences, I cannot promise that your 4 year old will not barge in several times hoping to discuss matters like “mindcraft guys,” the most recent case of abuse from his older sibling, protest against bedtime, or his own need of the bathroom.  Nonetheless, if your belly is floating and you get to quiet your mind for a short period of time, it’s worth the daily attempt. (Take caution to not get over heated and be careful entering and exiting the tub).
  2. Small frequent meals– I have found that the nights when my heartburn is most disruptive (or makes me have to vom) are after the days that I have stuffed my face to where my squashed stomach could not accommodate.  The other day at lunch for instance, I was inspired to chow down on yucca fries, black bean hummus with veggies and pita AND fried fish tacos with coleslaw.  For lunch.  And I ate it all.  I am eating for three!  What’s the big deal?!  Well after having a small dinner and a snack before bed, I woke up in the middle of the night and had morphed into a fire breathing dragon and was so uncomfortable that I actually got up and paced for an hour before taking some chewy TUMS and going back to bed, sitting up.  Not worth the three course lunch.  Conclusion- eat small nutritious meals so your digestive system has time to do its thing while being jumped on by two people.
  3. Journaling– Working full time (that includes you SAHMs), taking care of house and family stuff, carrying twins, and preparing for their arrival is a lot.  If you’re anything like our family it may also be just be the tip of the iceberg.  Getting things out of the brain and physically onto paper helps me clear my brain for sleep. Writing (with good ole’ pen and paper) like reading, also helps me to get actually tired.  Just try to resist the urge to take one more look at Pinterest or any other screen activities before you close your eyes (I am guilty of this on many occasion) or you may accidentally go right back to the overstimulation starting line.
  4. Dark Chocolate Covered Acai Berries from Costco- ‘Nuff said.
  5. Lots of Pillows in All the Right Places– I wish I could say I’ve mastered this one, but I am a novice at best. In fact, I will do an entire video post on just this subject alone, a: for some comic relief and b: so we can try to figure it out together. If you have a fancy body pillow, use it!  Supporting your belly, legs (hip alignment) and back all at the same time is the key.  My issue is, this is the most weight I have ever asked my belly to carry and circulation in one position for too long of a period becomes a bi*%# forcing me to roll over. Long story short, I go to sleep like a happy little beached whale wrapped in a pillowy, fluffy bliss and wake up tangled in a confusion of blankets and stuffing similar to Scrooge’s experience in “The Christmas Carol” when he wakes up disheveled in his bed curtains after dreaming he had just plummeted into his own grave following his visit from the ghost of Christmas yet to come.  OK, so maybe it’s not as dramatic as a visit from the grim reaper, but it feels pretty darn close at 3:30am when you realize your one chance at making it the whole way through the night has vanished. I realize this is partially conditioning for the zero sleep I will be enjoying a month from now.

None of these tips prevent me from truly struggling through some days or snapping inexplicably when my 7-year old whines about what’s being served for dinner, but some of them have helped me enjoy this ride on the struggle bus to the 32 week mile marker.  Besides, who really needs to win a “mom of the year award” anyway?- I would most likely lose the registration form before entering the competition.

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