My Due Date- The Twins are here!

I celebrated my due date on Saturday with my two beautiful 5 week old twins at home.  I can truly say I have no idea where the past month+ of my life has gone.  Cameron Evans and Gwyneth Marion came in to this world at 34 weeks and 5 days gestation like a lightning bolt, .  After coming down with “Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy”- a very dangerous rapid onset, and difficult to diagnose liver disease- I was admitted to the hospital and the babies were delivered via emergency C-section within an hour of my diagnosis.  God’s hand was perfectly at work as the babies were both over 5 lbs, and my condition started to reverse itself almost immediately after they were born. The doctors all suspected I would need at least a week in the ICU.  God knew that the babies needed to be born that day and that nobody’s “decisions” were going to get in the way of his perfect plan.  There was literally no time to discuss breech vaginal delivery (for baby B) or elective C-section, or trial of labor, etc.  The decision was made for us and the outcome was miraculous.Twins NICU

The babies spent a week and a half in the NICU and another half of a week in the Special Care Nursery.  Traveling back and forth from the hospital to the NICU was an eye opening experience.  We were so fortunate to only be there for 2 weeks with healthy, thriving babies who just needed some more time to grow before coming home.  My new found respect for NICU parents and NICU nurses is beyond words.  Gwen was able to come home one day earlier than Cam because she is an over achiever with a healthy competitive side (that’s my girl!) and proved she could eat faster than her brother.  Cam, not taking kindly to being shown up by his younger sis, rose to the task the following day. On Thursday, February 25th we were able to begin our lives at home together, never to sleep again!

As sleep deprived as I am, I wish there was some magic I could utilize that would slow down time.  Other twinning moms out there might call me crazy, and I know what you are thinking.  I am caught in a whirlwind of diaper changing, around the clock feedings, pumping, babies crying in stereo, pumping, lack of proper personal hygiene routine, pumping, C-section recovery, Dr’s visits, diapers, feedings, and pumping.  This however is my third, and most likely my last time with a newborn(s) at home and I know all too well how fast this time goes!  The coos and grunts, the snuggles, the smell of a newborn’s head as they snore on your chest, the way my husband talks to the babies in his own personalized voices, the giggles a newborn’s fart can solicit from a 4-year old (and a grown adult for that matter),  the incredibly precious inexplicable miracle of it all.  I want to bottle up all the goodness and be able to remember it all clearly.  I know that as much as I promise myself I will be in the moment and not forget the way they look and sound at each fleeting milestone, I will forget as time carries me along quickly.  For now, Cam is sleeping peacefully and Gwen needs me- or at least her diaper does…Twins Shoot

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